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Advantages of Playing Games in Massive Gaming

Updated: Mar 7

Our priority is creating a sustainable game, and we believe that an inflation-resistant economy is key to achieving this. We offer variance and standard deviation to reward players for their dedication and efforts in collecting and winning coins in a social-casino environment.

Advantages of PnE in Massive Gaming

Massive Gaming aims to create decentralized social casino games that provide players with a secure and transparent way to Play and Earn(PnE) rewards. Social casino games will be powered by blockchain technology which will create a transparent ecosystem.

  1. Various Casino Games

Massive Gaming is now in service with three kinds of social casino games, House of Slots, House of Poker, House of Blackjack. Users can take various actions via games, such as Vegas styled video slot machines, Poker & Blackjack tournaments, mini games, etc. These special factors can enhance player experience through fair and transparent gaming and also increase player’s ownership via providing financial opportunities.

Recently, Ruby Slot Game: Triple Scarlet has been released. Players can play & earn by playing this game.

Players can Earn USDC in Massive Gaming!

For players to earn more USDC rewards in Triple Scarlet, following conditions must be met:

  1. Reach high Massive Rewards Tie

  2. Earn more Gem/Ruby

  3. Exchange Gem/Ruby to USDC through Intella X

The only way to earn USDC in the game is by exchanging Ruby to USDC through Intella X exchange. Thus, for more USDC, players must earn more Ruby.

About Triple Scarlet

Triple Scarlet provides a fixed amount of Ruby per spin, depending on the player’s RP (Ruby Power). To increase the number of spins in the game, players need to have more chips, in addition to having a high RP. While purchasing chips and winning games is the easiest way to acquire chips, our game is a “Social Casino” game that provides several other ways to earn chips that are less reliant on players’ luck and more on their dedication and effort. Let’s go Play & Earn by playing House of Slots!


Let the Trust begin with MGC(Massive Gaming Club)!

Let’s Play and Earn #PNE

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